American Folk Blues Project

New parallel music project created by Magda in 2018, when she invited to the cooperation Jędrzej Kubiak – resophonic and slide guitar expert.
Magda: vocal, acoustic and bass guitar, cahon;
Jędrzej Kubiak – resophonic, hawaiian and acoustic guitars.

Magda plans to expand this project and invite other musicians to this.
Below you can find more info and some live videos of the duo.


Theirs performances are not only sounds flowing from the stage. Magda brilliantly conducts a dialogue with the audience, encouraging them – always effectively – to play together with rhythm and words, thus removing the stage / audience boundaries. Jędrzej is a treasury of knowledge about the heroes of old American songs and an encyclopedia of musical instruments from the North America.

Concert videos:

„Oh, Cumberland”


„Mellow Down Easy”

Magda’s 20 Years on Stage Jubilee Concert

Festiwal 36 Je36th Autumn with Blues Festival – 20.11.2021 Białystok, Poland

„Annabelle” [live]

Magda Piskorczyk & Jędrzej Kubiak – vinyl recording:

Vinyl recording for WOŚP charity auction – traditional direct-to-disc method

Stay home covid-19 session:



fotografie: Irek Graff

Charity action with direct-to-disc (vinyl) live recording

Magda “Magic” Piskorczyk

Jędrzej Kubiak