Photo summary 2020

This year started very well from the gigs in Kielce, Wrocław, Nakło Śląskie and Warsaw, where Magda invited Adama Drame (jembe, Burkina Fasso) to common performance.

Unfortunatelly a later series of them (in Czechia and Austria too) were canceled or postponed.

During spring lockdown we have prepared a few videos from the gigs with Adama (2020) and guitar player Jędrzej Kubiak (American Folk Blues Project, 2018). Plus one videoclip from distance.

In September and October Magda managed to perform in Kalisz, Biała Podlaska (Biala Blues Festival), in Warsaw (International Ochota Blues Festival) and in Lublin.

In November Magda and Jędrzej recorded the only copy of the vinyl for the charity auction.

For more gigs, especially abroad, we have to wait longer…

PHOTOS: Irek Graff,
Ostromecko, blocks band 😉 and:
Kalisz – Karolina Bazan (Okiem Karoliny),
Lublin – Daniel Drobik.