Audio and video from the Polish Radio

Magda Piskorczyk performed in the Polish Radio Program 3 on Sunday 13.12.2015.

Full audio and video record (2×40 minutes) from the concert:,Trojka/319,Koncert-w-Trojce

Magda Piskorczyk
(vocal, acoustic and bass guitar, drums, arrangements)
and her band:
Aleksandra Siemieniuk – electric, acoustic and dobro guitar,
Bartosz Kazek – drums and djembe,
plus guest Urszula Stosio – electric and acoustic guitar


1. Ticket
2. Life Is Like The Good Old Tasty Wine
3. Rzeźb mnie
4. Walking
5. W. (The Other Side of The Blue)
6. Alcoba azul
7. Cler achel
8. Nie będę grzeczną dziewczynką
9. Come on in My Kitchen
10. Pallet on Your Floor
11. Big Road Blues
12. Too Much Stuff

Songs 1, 2, 4, 5 are written by Magda Piskorczyk.
Song 3 was composed by Magda and then the Polish text was written by Bogdan Loebl.