Summary of 2019 in our photos – part 2

Magda’s comment can be read with the first part of the summary:

Photo summary of 2019 on stage:

For Magda the concert year started with the performance at Andrzej E-molla Kowalczyk’s birthday at the W. Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio, organized with a very special aim: creating of the House of Music as a new place for integration of creators with disabled people but very talented artistically.

In Poland, you could hear and see Magda at festivals such as: Las Woda and Blues (Forest, Water and Blues), Suwałki Blues Festival, Dźwięki Słów (Lublin), Scinawa Blues on the Oder and during Breakout Days in Rzeszów, where (as a guest of the Nie-Bo band) she also sang during the concert on the Polish Radio Rzeszów with live broadcast. Once again, she conducted her Masterclass workshops in Bolesławiec.

It was also a year of several returns abroad: in July she appeared again in Finland at the Tyykiblues Forssa festival, this time with the gospel project, and in October once more she played in Germany at Klempenow Castle.

There were many more appearances in Germany,  due to three tours by Magda Piskorczyk & The Modern Boogie Woogie Duo created with Niels von der Leyen on piano and Andreas Bock on drums. The last one ended with three performances in Switzerland.

Her musical travels were accompanied mainly by Bartek Kazek (drums) and Jędrzej Weber (guitars), and at the end of the year also by Andrzej Rozenman (drums). With this line-up Magda ended the concert year in Złocieniec. Daniel Połeć on piano joined Magda a few times too, especially during the festival in Finland.

She appeared in Bydgoszcz as a guest of Jędrzej Kubiak celebrating 20 years on stage and in the studio.

There were of course more nice musical meetings with You – many of them can be seen in the photographic summary prepared here.

It will be a great pleasure to meet you again on the next concerts and experience music together – the concert season in 2020 begins in February in Kielce (9.02), Warsaw (14.02), Nakło Śląskie (20.02), Wrocław (28.02) and Bolesławiec (29.02).

Last but not least… Thanks to all the photographers for sharing their photos.

Part 1/2 of the photo summary:

Photo summary of 2019 – part 1

Authors of the photopraphs used in the baner:
Maciej Rałowski (Breakout Days, Rzeszów),
Bernard Łętowski (Blues nad Bobrem, Bolesławiec),
Rainer Pep x2 (Andreas & Niels, Kieler Woche, Germany),
other: Irek Graff