Project with Jędrzej Kubiak

I am very happy to announce this wonderful news. If by any chance you visit Warsaw on Friday you are more than welcome to come to our first full time concert with the new project. We know each other with Jędrzej for so many years. We like each others company, work, play and share the joy of music with other people.
Don’t worry, I am not giving up playing with my wonderful Band ! That is another music project of mine and more to come soon (I hope :)) Keep your fingers crossed!
Love to you all, <3 <3 <3, Magic Address: CPK, Warszawa, ul. Podskarbińska 2 Date: Friday 30.11.2018 , 7 P.M. After the gig: jam session free entrance Banner and photo (Magda Piskorczyk) by Wojtek Mann