Films from jubilee concert

After Autumn with blues festival Magda has published a few films presenting the jubilee concert.
Line up:

Magda Piskorczyk (vocal, guitars, bass guitar, drums) and her band:
Bartosz Kazek (drums), Adam Rozenman (percussion), Daniel Połeć (piano).

Special guests: Aleksandra Siemieniuk (guitars), Jacek Jaguś (guitars), Michał Kielak (harmonica), Bartek Łęczycki (harmonica), Noumassan Dembele (kora), Jędrzej Kubiak (guitars).

Edit of video: Irek Graff
Video clips: Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury, Wiesław Huszcza and Irek Graff
Preparation of audio: Magda Piskorczyk

Dearest & the BEST Fans in the World,
I am so happy to share (as a Christmas – or any other love holidays gift for YOU) a series of video memories from my Jubilee concert in November. Enjoy. Always with love to you.

Love, Magic

I’d Rather Go Blind


Mansani Cisse

Africa and kora (the instrument Noumassan plays on on this video) arę MY LOVE.
Another Christmas gift fot the best fans in the World – YOU ALL

Love always, Magic

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning

W. (Other Side of the Blue)

I wrote this song after my father’s death. I miss him a lot. Think about all people close to your heart and soul and who you will meet on the other side of the blue for sure.

Love, Magic

Too Much Staff