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The new CD of Magda Piskorczyk, titled "Magda Live", was recorded at RGstudio Radio Gdansk by Magda and her band with very active participation of the audience which was regularly involved in collective singing, clapping hands or stamping their feet, emotional shouting.

The album contains 13 acoustic songs full of music with great energy and true emotions, seasoned with two reflective ballads. Magda serves her own tasty arrangements and personal interpretations of a few standards taken from various genres, for example: jazz ("All of Me"), blues ("Walking Blues"), gospel ("Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho"), as well as modern compositions of the authors such as: Tracy Chapman ("Crossroads") or Paul Rodgers ("Muddy Water Blues").

A very unique element of the album is a jazzy version of Jacquesa Brel's song with English text titled "Hearts". The CD contains also multimedia with 15 minutes video fimed at the presented concert. It is the first live album of Magda Piskorczyk.

Magda Piskorczyk is known for her low, deep, "black" voice which suits perfectly blues, soul, gospel as well as swing or African melodies, which are also very appealing for Magda. Joy and humour, great emotions and energy are mixed with deep message, melancholy, moving sincerity. Unusual usage of a saxophone, dobro and acoustic guitars, percussion and double bass, mixed with Magda's very expressive voice make this music unique and very captivating.

"I do not know how it was possible to transmit on this lifeless disc vibrations, that were served with music to the audience and returned back with double power. It is success to catch emotions!"
Sławek Turkowski, "Feelin' The Blues", Jazz Radio


Magda Piskorczyk
- vocal, acoustic guitar, arrangements
and her band:
Aleksandra Siemieniuk - dobro and acoustic guitar;
Arkadiusz Osenkowski - tenor saxophone;
Roman Ziobro - double bass;
Maksymilian Ziobro - drums.

Playlist - "Magda Live"

1. Powitanie
2. Walking Blues
3. Fever
4. On the Hunt
5. Crossroads Intro
6. Crossroads
7. Work Song
8. Canned Heat
9. Muddy Water Blues
10. Kermit Blues Intro
11. Hard to Get
12. Hearts
13. All of Me
14. Up above My Head
15. Jericho Intro
16. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
17. Walk over God's Heaven
18. Pożegnanie

More info:

CD release: March 10, 2008

format: CD Extra (audio plus multimedia),
digipack with booklet

music production: Magda Piskorczyk
production: Magda Piskorczyk & Ireneusz Graff
mix and mastering: Adam Wojdak - Kanon Art Studio
cover photo: Ireneusz Graff -

Record label: Artgraff

Special website about this CD with multimedia:

Magda Piskorczyk Management:
email: media {aatt}
phone: +48 606-141-688

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