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In Honor of Mahalia Jackson

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Magda Piskorczyk has prepared CD "Mahalia" in Honor of Mahalia Jackson to celebrate the 100th Birthday Anniversary of the Queen of Gospel (October 26, 2011). "Come on Children, Let's Sing", "Lord, Search My Heart", "I'm Goin' to Live the Life I Sing About in My Song", "Keep Your Hand on the Plow" or "Go Tell It on the Mountain" are only a few examples from a very long list of the songs, which became worldwide known and close to millions people due to Mahalia.

These songs enchanted Magda Piskorczyk too. She has made her own arrangements based on the old and beautiful tradition, in which joy and energy interlace with the passion of worship and deep reflection. The album includes 15 songs produced by Magda.

Magda Piskorczyk has performed gospel and spiritual songs many times in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary and France. In 2008 she gave a series of concerts with her band at the City Sings Gospel Festival in Liverpool. There she performed also at the Hope Street Festival and during the final concert in the Metropolitan Cathedral, broadcast by the BBC Radio.

Release: November 2011
Production and music production: Magda Piskorczyk

Recorded by Pawe³ Pêkalski in Studio OKO (Ochota Culture Center), Warsaw, 2011
Mixed by Pawe³ Pêkalski & Magda Piskorczyk
Cover and booklet design: Magda Piskorczyk and Ireneusz Graff
Cover photos and graphics: Ireneusz Graff
Mastered by: Jaros³aw Regulski, Studio Buffo
Record Label: Artgraff


Magda Piskorczyk - vocal, arrangements (1-15)
Aleksandra Siemieniuk - electric guitar (1-2, 4-6, 8, 10, 12-14),dobro (9), acoustic guitar (13)
Roman Ziobro - double bass (1-2, 4-10, 12-15)
Maksymilian Ziobro - drums (1-2, 4-6, 8-10, 12-14)
Stanis³aw Witta - piano (1, 3-6, 8, 10, 12-14), Hammond (1, 11-12, 14)
Jacek Namys³owski - trombone (15)

Gospel Band Choir (4, 8, 12, 14):
Magdalena Supe³ - choir arrangement, alt, Ma³gorzata Stepien - sopran, Joanna Mews - mezzosopran, Mariusz Odwarzny - tenor, Micha³ Mielczarek - tenor



1. Come on Children, Let's Sing
2. Get Away Jordan
3. Just a Closer Walk with Thee
4. Go Tell It on the Mountain
5. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well
6. Lord, Search My Heart
7. Elijah Rock
8. How I Got Over
9. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
10. Jesus Is With Me
11. Trouble of the World
12. Keep Your Hand on the Plow
13. I'm Goin' to Live the Life I Sing About in my Song
14. Great Gettin' up Morning
15. Summertime


> photos from the concert celebrating Mahalia's 100 birthday Anniversary (26.10.2011)



BITS Magazine, England

Magda Piskorczyk - "Mahalia - In Honor of Mahalia Jackson"

When blues performers on this side of the Atlantic tackle gospel material, it tends to be a quick run through of Blind Willie Johnson or Gary Davis in order to show off some nifty guitar work. A set like this, 15 tracks from the repertoire of one of gospel's greatest voices, released to mark the 100s anniversary of Ms. Jackson's birth on 26th October 191l, is highly unusual in many ways - Magda was inspired by hearing Mahalia's records as a child, and this young Polish artist usually sings the blues, albeit nearly always with a very personal twist. On this set she draws liberally on those blues roots - there is indeed plenty of the nifty guitar work - but she always remains respectful to the gospel tradition.

Her deep, smoky voice is as well-suited to slow, impassioned items like 'Trouble of the World’ as it is to better known, up tempo clap-along numbers such as 'Go Tell It On The Mountain' and the surprisingly listenable 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands'. Magda is accompanied by a small group, and a choir on four numbers, to help push things along, and the result is a very entertaining and inspiring CD.

Norman Darwen, Blues in the South / February

[...] Magda werkt zich geinspireerd door het repertoire van Mahalia heen, waarbij gezegd moet worden dat het hier en daar wat vlak dreigt te worden. Maar in het prijsnummer Elijah rock is Magda formidabel. Summertime is een waardig slot van een gospelalbum van Magda Piskorczyk waarvan liefhebbers van The Blind Boys of Alabama, Mavis Staples en natuurlijk Mahalia Jackson veel plezier aan kunnen beleven.

Gerrit Schinkel,

Wasser-Prawda Magazine

CD Review of "Mahalia" in German Wasser-Prawda Magazine

Touché des son enfance par les chansons de Mahalia Jackson, Magda Piskorczyk se devait un jour de payer son tribut a celle qui a tant apporté a la musique et c’est pour célébrer le centieme anniversaire de sa naissance qu’elle a interprété, produit et arrangé pas moins de quinze titres piochés dans la longue liste des ouvres majeures de la Reine du Gospel. Habituée a ce genre d’exercice pour s’y etre adonnée lors de concerts proposés tout autour de la planete, Magda laisse ici toute son émotion et toute sa virtuosité s’exprimer sur de véritables trésors comme « Get Away Jordan », « Go Tell It On The Mountain », « Elijah Rock », « He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands », « Keep Your Hand On The Plow » et sur un épatant « Summertine » qui referme l’ouvrage. On y entrevoit le côté le plus mystique de l’artiste et celle qui chante si bien habituellement la musique du diable se laisse librement aller a reprendre cette fois celle de dieu, en l’électrifiant parfois d’une guitare un peu plus musclée que de raison ou plus simplement en l’habillant de belles notes qui en définitive réussissent a en faire une musique des hommes. Parvenir a réunir avec autant de brio l’essence de toutes les musiques afro-américaines, il fallait bien que Magda Piskorczyk finisse par le faire un jour !

Ecrit par Fred Delforge, jeudi, 26 avril 2012


New reviews in French ( and Hungarian (

Album "Mahalia" received nomination to the Fryderyk Award
of the Polish Phonographic Academy as the Blues Album of the Year !

New review - by Norman Darwen for "Blues in the South" (below).

CD"Mahalia" was presented by as the CD of the week. Two-hour special program about Magda Piskorczyk with long interview was broadcast in
on January 16, 20:00 - 22:00 (repeated on 21.01).

In Poland "Keep Your Hand on the Plow" reached TOP 10 in the ALP Radio Cracow Alternative Hit List.

CD Review of "Mahalia" in German Wasser-Prawda Magazine.


Concerts - 2013:
August 10 - I³awa - 43. Golden Washboard Old Jazz Meeting, L. Armstrong Amphithetre

Concerts - 2012:
December 14 - Warszawa, OKO Culture Centre
November 23- Bia³ystok, XXVIII Autumn with Blues Festival
October 10 - X Opole Gospel Festival, Opole Philharmonic

Concerts - 2011:
October 26 - Warsaw, Palladium Theatre - Premiere and CD release !!!
November 6 - Cracow, Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University
November 8 - Gdansk, The Polish Baltic Frédéric Chopin Philharmonic
December 2 - Ostrów Wielkopolski, Synagogue


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