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Magda Piskorczyk & Slidin' Slim

"Live at Satyrblues"

Polish vocalist Magda Piskorczyk and Swedish musician Slidin' Slim performed together at the Satyrblues Festival in Tarnobrzeg, Poland in September 2009. It was their first joint performance, preceded only with a short sound check. Magda and Slim met the evening before at the airport. In the beginning they were supposed to play only for a quarter and in duo. However...

As it was stated in "Gitarzysta" 2010/01 magazine: "Their joint concert was so much liked by the audience that planned 15 minutes turned into 45 and the encore only seemed to intensify hunger for more."
The album presents 7 songs. Magda and Slim sing by turns. They both play guitars: Magda - acoustic and Slim - dobro. They are accompanied by two musicians from Magda's band: Aleksandra Siemieniuk on electric guitar and Grzegorz Zawiliński on limited percussion set containing instruments such as a washboard and spoons. In the CD there is a flash video presentation of all the concert too.

is a master of a metal guitar called dobro. He is fond of blues and rock'n'roll tradition. However he admits that punk and music of Ramones, The Clash or Dead Kennedys are also important for him. Slim is a talented songwriter and singer with a strong "American" vocal. He belongs to the most popular Swedish bluesmen, regularly invited to Scandinavian festivals.
Playing his resophonic guitar he is able to enchant the audience with the spirit of old blues masters such as Son House or Bukka White. But he is not afraid of experiments with loops and other trance electronic. In 2007 in the USA he released "One Man Riot" - album which blends modern sounds with classic blues. The concert with Magda is his seventh CD recorded solo, in duos or with his band the Soulbastards.
But Slim is not only a musician. He has written a novel!

is a young singer with a mature, low and unusual voice timbre. Described in France as 'la voix noire et au costume blanc' (Black voice in a white costume). She is a guitar, bass guitar and percussion player, as well as a song writer. Magda performs music of Afro-American and African heritage. She is a two-time Semifinalist of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA. Readers of the Polish blues quarterly chose her the Female Vocalist of the Year 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2009. She regularly performs with her band and has given shows at many festivals almost all over Europe.
She has released two CDs: "Magda Live" (nominated to the Fryderyk Award, the most prestigious award of the Polish Phonographic Industry) and "Blues Travelling" feat. Michal Urbaniak, a renowned jazz violinist. In 2009 Magda was invited to play with Konoba, an international band performing traditional West African music.

performed twice in September 2009: at the Satyrblues Festival and in Tygmont jazz club in Warsaw. Both concerts, pretty improvised, met enthusiastic reaction of the audience. In May 2010 they met on the stage of the Dusty Road Blues Festival in Sweden. The next joint performances... are in plans for May 2011:
Tour with Slidin' Slim in 2011

"Live at Satyrblues" - musicians:

Magda Piskorczyk - vocal, acoustic guitar
Slidin' Slim - vocal, dobro guitar
Aleksandra Siemieniuk - electric guitar
Grzegorz Zawiliński - percussion

Song list from "Live at Satyrblues":

1. You Can't Judge a Book
2. Driftin' Blues
3. Braggin'
4. Married Woman Blues
5. Papa Come Quick
6. Brand New Face
7. The Kokomo Medley

plus flash video presenting all the concert

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More Info:

Release date: 2 August 2010 (Poland); 11 September (International)

Recorded live: 12 September 2009 at X Satyblues Festival in Tarnobrzeg, Poland.

production: Ewa & Victor Czura (Satyrblues Festival); Magda Piskorczyk & Ireneusz Graff

Record label: Artgraff (

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