Magda Piskorczyk & Slidin' Slim - "Live at Satyrblues"




wrote on his website after the concerts at Satyrblues:

"I'd never met Magda before but I knew she was a great and very successful singer with truckloads of national (voted best female blues vocalist in Poland 3 times by the leading blues magazine) and international (2 time semifinalist in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis USA!!!) merits to her name. Still that doesn't guarantee that it would work to play together and create good music without no rehearsal or time to get to know each other. Playing music is a very personal thing for me and I'm quite sensitive when it comes to playing with other musicians. Therefore it was a joy beyond words to realize after only a short sound check that playing with Magda and her marvellous band (Ola and Greg) worked very well."

And here is his description of the gig in Tygmont:
" How should I describe this evening? Perfect must be the word.
This was one of the Top-5 best nights since I started playing music on a pro-level! To begin the evening with listening to Magda and her band made me realize (even more!) what a great artist she is. She worked the audience in a way you seldom see among artists today and sang on an amazing level with great backing from Ola's stinging guitar and Greg's solid drumming. To join them and play the night away for the enthusiastic audience in the crowded club was, yeah you're right; just PERFECT! (We even made it into Spanish television but that's another wonderful story!!!)"



wrote in the CD booklet:

"There is a cold and pretty late evening of January 2009. Victor calls me and asks if I could pick up Slidin’ Slim from Warsaw airport in September the same year. Well, to be honest I didn’t have any clue of who Slidin’ Slim himself was and I didn‘t know his music as well. As I trust Victor and I’m a person for whom hunger for adventure is always ongoing thing. Someone who simply loves meeting new people. I said ‘OK., no problem. It will be a pleasure for me to meet him.’ I was lucky enough not to have any other plans for the day of Slim’s arrival. I searched the Internet for his music and after listening to it I thought it would be so great if we could play together. Music from ‘One Man Riot’ CD made the end of that day pleasant.

In few days time Victor calls me again and says ‘Magda, maybe there is a chance for you to come to Satyrblues and give a concert altogether with Slim? You both have like 15 minutes in sum. I would love to see you both at the Satyrblues 2009’. I could only say ‘YES’!"

- that was the beginning of this meeting. What happened next - read in the booklet and... listen to the CD.

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