Masterclass on the TOP ALP

Magda-Masterclass-CD The song “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” from CD “Magda Piskorczyk Masterclass” has spent lots of weeks in the Top 20 of the Alternative Hits List of Radio Cracow in 2013 and reached No 1 in on January 9, 2014!


CD Magda Piskorczyk Masterclass
Adam Skrzecz – “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues”

Performed by: Adam Skrzecz – vocal; Jakub Goławski – bass; Michał Tkocz – drums; Sławek Nowodworski – harmonica; Aleksandra Siemieniuk – dobro guitar,
Arangement, music production, mix and mastering – Magda Piskorczyk


Radio Cracow:

ALP No1 - Masterclass