CD “Jubilee Night at Jesień z Bluesem” – Info

In 2023 on November 24 Magda released “Jubilee Night at Jesień z Bluesem”
This CD contains 11 songs that she recorded live with her band and six special guests in 2021 during Autumn with Blues Festival, when she celebrated her 20 years on stage. At the same festival in Bialystok she made her debut and won Grand Prix with the first band. The next year she started her solo career there.


Magda MAGIC Piskorczyk (vocal, acoustic and bass guitar, foot stomp) and her band:
Bartosz Kazek (drums), Adam Rozenman (percussion), Daniel Połeć (piano).

Special guests:
Jacek Jaguś (guitars), Michał Kielak (harmonica), Noumassan Dembele (African kora), Jędrzej Kubiak (guitars), Bartek Łęczycki (harmonica), Aleksandra Siemieniuk (guitars). Magda invited friends who were important on her music way – they performed many times together, co-created some project or even traveled for many years as Magda’s band members.


1. Intro [0:10]
2. Ticket (Magda Piskorczyk; Magda Piskorczyk) [5:12]
3. Love Key (Magda Piskorczyk, Niels von der Leyen, Andreas Bock; Magda Piskorczyk) [4:11]
4. I’d Rather Go Blind (Bill Foster, Ellington Jordan; Bill Foster, Ellington Jordan) [6:31]
Guest: Jacek Jaguś

5. Intro 2 [0:11]
6. Hatred Goes Around (Magda Piskorczyk, Niels von der Leyen, Andreas Bock; Magda Piskorczyk) [6:41]
Guest: Jacek Jaguś
7. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (traditional) [7:59]
Guest: Michał Kielak
8. Temptation (Tom Waits; Tom Waits) [5:23]

9. Intro 3 [1:10]
10. Mansani Cisse (traditional) [7:31]
Guest: Noumassan Dembele

11. Intro 4 [1:11]
12. Annabelle (Gillian Welch; Gillian Welch) [6:19]
Guests: Jędrzej Kubiak, Bartosz Łęczycki
13. Terraplane Blues (Robert Johnson; Robert Johnson) [7:08]
Goście: Jędrzej Kubiak, Bartosz Łęczycki

14. Intro 5 [1:31]
15. Nie będę grzeczną dziewczynką (Jaromi Drażewski; Jaromi Drażewski) [6:03]
Guest: Aleksandra Siemieniuk

16. Intro 6 [0:16]
17. Too Much Stuff (Eric Bibb, Dave Bronze; Eric Bibb, Dave Bronze) [9:02]
Guests: Aleksandra Siemieniuk, Jacek Jaguś, Michał Kielak

More info:

CD and booklet graphic desigh: Magda MAGIC Piskorczyk i Irek Graff
CD cover photo: Ewa Piątek / Ministerstwo Fotografii
Music mix: Magda MAGIC Piskorczyk
Mastering: Magda MAGIC Piskorczyk, Przemysław Ślużyński (MM Studio Przemysław Ślużyński in Poznań)
Label: Flower Records

The album is released in digipak form,
with a richly illustrated booklet containing memories and photos from these eventful 20 years.

Although Magda is known in blues circles (Nine-time Vocalist of the Year!, two-time finalist of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis) and blues circles (three-time nomination for the Fryderyk Award of the Polish phonography), on this album she offers wide and very personal combination of various musical styles: from acoustic blues, American folk, electric bluesrock or New Orleans vibes, to African music, funk and rock.
We also experience many different emotions with it:
from the moving complaint about poverty and the loss of a child (“Annabelle”), lyricism and reflection on the “Hatred Goes Around”, to Waits’s temptation, angelic-devil voices in spirituals or the witty feminism…

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Official single from the CD:

“Hatred Goes Around”
Music: Magda Piskorczyk, Niels Von der Leyen, Andreas Bock
Lyrics: Magda Piskorczyk

“I wrote this song when a certain person was killed in our country. Out of hatred, because of political fights.
At that time, not only in Poland terrible things were happening, but one event can till the pot of bitterness and sadness…
This was also the case with me.
However, I sincerely believe that hatred and divisions can be overcome with love. And that’s what “Hatred Goes Around” is also about.”

Magda Magic Piskorczyk

Videos from this jubilee concert:

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Photos from the Jubilee Night (in the link)