Magda MAGIC Piskorczyk

Photo: Irek Graff

(pronounce: peace-CORE-chick) is a singer with a mature, low, unusual voice timbre and multiinstrumentalist playing acoustic, electric and bass guitar as well as percussion. Described in France as “la voix noire et au costume blanc” (black voice in a white costume). Magda performs music of Afro-American and African heritage.

Nine times chosen as the Vocalist of the Year (2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2020 and 2022). Three-time nominee (album of the year for CD’s, “Magda Live”, “Afro Groove” and “Mahalia”) to the Fryderyk Award, the most important and prestigious award of the Polish Phonographic Industry. She is a two-time semi-finalist of the biggest blues competition in the World, International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA.

She regularly performs with her band and has given shows at many festivals almost all over Europe and in Taiwan. In 2011 Magda started music workshops entitled Magda Piskorczyk Masterclass based on her own program. CD “Magda Piskorczyk Masterclass” released in 2012 is the fruit of such workshops organized in Warsaw.

Magda has released seven CDs including:

Jubilee Night at Jesień z Bluesem” – recorded live with her band and many guests, when she celebrated her 20 years on stage in Bialystok, where she made her debut and won Grand Prix with the first band;


“Mahalia” – studio album prepared in Honor of Mahalia Jackson celebrating the 100th Birthday Anniversary of the Queen of Gospel;

Afro Groove

“Afro Groove” – double live CD feat. Billy Gibson, harmonica virtuoso from Memphis, with lots of ethnic flavor;

Magda Live

“Magda Live” – acoustic CD, recorded live in Radio Gdańsk;

Live at Satyrblues

“Live at Satyrblues” – with Swedish guitar player and singer-songwriter Slidin’ Slim;

Blues Travelling

“Blues Travelling” – feat. Michal Urbaniak, a renowned jazz violinist;

Make Your Spirit Fly

“Make Your Spirit Fly”first recordings of Magda.

Three CDs: “Magda Live”, “Afro Groove” and “Mahalia”
have been nominated to the Fryderyk Award, the most prestigious award of the Polish Phonographic Industry.

Music of Magda Piskorczyk

Photo: Irek Graff

is her tasteful arrangements of funk, blues, gospel, soul, rock and jazz classics and her own original compositions as well. Despite her music being deeply set in the African-American tradition, it is very personal and innovative at the same time. Joy and humour, great emotions and energy are mixed with deep messages, melancholy and moving sincerity. An unusual, very expressive usage of voice and perfectly matched sounds of guitars, a Hammond organ, a saxophone, percussion or other instruments make this music unique and captivating. Magda is known for the excellent contact with the audience, which is alternately involved in spontaneous amusement (collective singing, emotional shouting, hand-clapping or snapping their fingers) and deep reflection. She has performed with many famous musicians, such as Bob Margolin, Bob Brozman, Seckou Keita, Greg Zlap, Michal Urbaniak, Wojciech Karolak, Organek, Rita Engedalen, Slidin’ Slim and Engerling group. In Summer 2010 she gave 22 concerts with harmonica virtuoso, Blues Award Winner Billy Gibson.

The years 2018 and 2019 brought two new parallel projects of Magda:
In 2018 she created “AMERICAN FOLK BLUES” project inviting Jędrzej Kubiak to the cooperation. He is a master of resophonic guitars.

Since 2019 Magda has been performing with German musicians as: Magda Piskorczyk and the Modern Boogie Woogie Duo. At the same same time touring with her regular band „Magda Piskorczyk”.

In November 2023 Magda released “Jubilee Night at Jesień z Bluesem” – CD recorded live with her band and many guests in 2021 during Autumn with Blues Festival, when she celebrated her 20 years on stage. At the same festival in Bialystok she made her debut and won Grand Prix with the first band and next year started her dolo career.


In 2011 Magda prepared a special gospel program “In Honor of Mahalia Jackson” with her versions of songs known from Mahalia’s records. She has performed gospel and spiritual songs many times in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary and France. In 2008 she gave a series of concerts with her band at the City Sings Gospel Festival in Liverpool. There she performed also at the Hope Street Festival and during th final concert in the Metropolitan Cathedral, broadcast by the BBC Radio.

Photo: Irek Graff


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