2018 in our photos and memories – part 1/2

Dear Friends,

Last year was a blast! Again! New projects were born and there are some more on the ways.
Big THANK YOU to my music companions! I say THANK YOU to all, without exception, for exquisite energy, hard work and for being family off the stage.

Bartek Kazek – thank you for your beautiful drum paintings. It was 8th year together. Wow, time flies! 🙂

There are three new musketeers on the board, but we feel like we’ve known each other for years:
Szymon Kucharczyk, Jędrzej Weber – guitar (and other instruments as well) wizards, Paweł Wegner – who will travel with us and take care of a great sound as often as he can. They are people with great hearts. Thank you

Last year we also had two amazing guests: Sebastian Kret and Krzysztof Woliński. It was so wonderful to travel together with our music.

The brand new project „American Folk Blues” is the newborn child, which were welcome in the World with joy and love. Altogether with Jędrzej Kubiak, we had a blast working together, we gave our hearts and passion to it. I’m looking forward to working, preparing new songs together, eating ruskie pierogi, drinking hectoliters of tea and eating a lot of chocolate. 🙂
AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jędrzej. May all your and our plans come true. You know which ones! 🙂

We drove through Poland, pretty big Germany area, Austria, we opened new track to Finland (and we will be back there this year again). We drove thousands of kilometers, we played thousands of sounds and there were milions of good vibes. And there was Irek Graff with us who was a patient driver, took care of our safety and took a lot of wonderful photos of us and our music adventures. THANK you Irek!

It was truly nice experience with humming a melody to new Polish TV series called „Rojst”. In the intro to each episode you can hear my voice. Some say that there is a man humming the melody. So I’m just saying that it was me.  😀

But it would not make much sense if it was not for YOU, my friends. THANK YOU so very much for you wonderful presence. Thank you that there was so many of you listening to our music. Thank you for our wonderul meetings! ♥♥♥

I am sending a lot of LOVE and I’m looking forward for our meetings in 2019!

Part 2: